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Automated Tanker Loading at Humphreys Oils


European Automation Projects have recently completed the installation of new tanker loading and tank gauging systems at HW Humphrey and Son, in Port Madoc, Wales.

The project awarded to EAP included a major overhaul of the tank gauging systems on the site which has two separate tank farms. EAP supplied and installed new Hectronic Optilevel gauges to monitor product level, temperature and water level across 14 tanks which are achieving measurement accuracy of +/- 1mm .

An integrated bunkering system for refuelling Humphreys fleet was also supplied which allows the customer to reconcile all meter movements against physical stock levels and also provides detailed reporting on deliveries taken by third parties. This system module also provides an additional level of security that previously was not in place as an individual PIN is required before actuation of the dispenser pump.

Additionally the iSupervisor TAS was supplied to control tanker loading via 4 arm bottom loading skid supplied by Industrial Flow Control of Basildon Essex. The skid was fitted with Isoil Vega II batch controllers which are being used to load the tankers of Humphries Oils and a third party. These loads are all based on loading plans managed by the system that may be controlled by the iSupervisor web interface either on or off site.

A full off site back up system has also been supplied providing off site data retention of all load information recorded at the site through automatic transfer of files as the transactions are completed.

Mr Arwel Evans of Humphreys Oils said…

The installation of the EA Projects TAS has given us many advantages that we did not have before including the automatic recording of all meter movements at the site including all our bunker sales. Being able to have all this information in one central system is a huge benefit for us and we are very pleased with the system.

7 November, 2014