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Murco Upgrade UK Terminal Automation Systems


EA Projects have recently been commissioned to supply a number of upgrades to the Terminal Automation Systems installed at Murco locations in the UK. Late last year they were involved in the software design and implementation of a bio-blending software module which facilitates the rack blending of bio-ethanol. This module is fully integrated into the site TAS systems also managed by EAP.

0047SmallThe bio-blending package allows user configurable blend recipes to be automatically uploaded into the batch controllers based on the customer profile. It also monitors the blending equipment to ensure that the correct blend ratios are delivered and provides the user the facility to rectify errors with the blends in the event of equipment failure.

The system also provides the facility to record ethanol receipts and handles stock accounting for this product. The system has been up and running since September 2013.

The company were then commissioned to add a new loading bay at Westerleigh Terminal onto the automation system which went live in January 2014.

EA were then subsequently commissioned to install the new EA Projects Athenaeum system which collects data from all Murco UK Terminals. The Athenaeum system is a web based data warehousing system which captures and stores all Bills of Lading, Invoices and Reports live as they are created and then stores them off site at two separate locations. The system is able to record two copies of each record for up to 10 years worth of data. This data is then accessible via a web browser and may be viewed as and when required in the form of the original document. This not only meets the legal requirments for terminals as dictated by HMRC but also provides a dual redundant disaster recovery system for all Murco Terminals. The system is due to go live in April 2014.

Athenaeum is a new development of the EA Projects automation platform.

Daniel Brain of Murco said…

We have worked with EA Projects for a number
of years and have a long relationship with the developers who have
grown with us and our business. They have consistently delivered on
our Automation System developments and ensure customer flexibility is
built into their offering. We look forward to continuing this very
productive relationship.

7 April, 2014