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EAP Launch Athenaeum Data Retention System


European Automation Projects are pleased to announce the launch of the Athenaeum data retention system. The Athenaeum system is designed to act as a complete data warehousing system to be used in conjunction with the EAP terminal automation platform and other terminal automation systems. As transactions are completed the data is sent to the system using best practise methods for enterprise integration. The received data is then stored in its original format for up to 10 years.

The system is fully web based and so if a record needs to be examined the user can interrogate the system via a web browser and the record can then be viewed and/or reprinted in its original format. The system is installed across multiple servers at separate locations each backing up the data providing full off site disaster recovery functionality for the on site TAS.

The system has gone live in three large UK fuel terminals where it is being used to store Bills of Lading, Invoices and Monthly Stock Reports. There is future development planned for the system and the next phase is to use the system to produce bespoke reports using live and historical data.

Simon Whibberley Managing Director of EAP said…

Data warehousing of Terminal Automation System data has been an interesting challenge. We wanted to develop something a little more sophisticated than a document viewer and I think we have achieved that with this product. We look forward to developing this application further as we feel that it offers excellent opportunities for our customers.

1 September, 2014