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iSentinel is the latest web based access control system from EA-Projects which allows the user to monitor and control access of local or remote sites via a secure internet connection. This package is a comprehensive solution for fully automated vehicle access. The package has been specifically developed for use by sites that require automatic and/or remote control of gate equipment and on-site vehicle movement tracking. The i-Sentinel package is web based and therefore is platform independent. The software can also be configured for use with a multitude of access control devices and so can be connected to virtually any existing site entry equipment.

The main features of the basic software module are as follows:

Access Control and Vehicle Monitoring

  • Allows full automation of vehicle access and egress.
  • Gives multiple gate control from any location.
  • Fully configurable user dialogue at driver interface to meet individual site requirements.
  • Full remote control of barriers/gates including ‘lock out’ function.
  • Comprehensive reporting site activity reporting system

System Interfaces

  • Open connectivity allows integration to a number of different third party access control devices.
  • Interfaces to any third party logistics control system.
  • Integrates directly into i-Supervisor terminal automation system.
  • Interfaces to emergency systems e.g. fire alarm systems.

Additional Options

  • Automatic vehicle recognition.
  • Integrated security cameras