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TAS Extension for Rawlings Fuels


European Automation Projects have recently completed the extension of the EAP Soft TAS terminal automation platform at the Rawlings Fuels depot in Hook, Hampshire.

Rawlings Fuels have used the iMonitor automatic tank gauging system for several years, and have now added the iSupervisor tanker loading system after the procurement of a new bottom loading skid at the facility.

The EAP Soft TAS platform is modular in design and so the customer is able to add different software functions as and when their business requirements change. The upgrade from top to bottom loading was implemented as part of Rawlings continuous improvements programme and the addition of the iSupervisor tanker loading system module to the EAP platform was an obvious choice.

Rowlings tanker loading systemThe iSupervisor TAS web based automation platform now gives Rawlings the ability to produce detailed reports regarding all deliveries loaded at the depot and to reconcile all meter movements against physical tank volumes. The system also provides live data from the loading skid which can be viewed from any location via the internet through a standard web browser.

In addition to this upgrade the customer has also extended the tank gauging package to include new storage and EAP have supplied further Hectronic tank gauging equipment to compliment the original system.This comprehensive system is supplying Rawlings with product and water level data as well as tank spot temperature measurement on all product tanks. This data is stored for up to a year and so detailed trending information is available for all storage tanks for a selected time period.

Tom Davies Depot Manager of Rawlings Fuels said…

We have worked with EA Projects for number of years and we are very pleased with everything that they have done for us. The addition of the iSupervisor module has given our business a number of valuable benefits.

1 August, 2014